Marked by Moonlight by Kathryn Jay Cox


A Sexy, Action-Packed Urban Fantasy



Lucifer has been waiting for the perfect human to take up his sword and become his angel of death on Earth. Unfortunately for Rowan, he chose her.

When Rowan Hampton decided to teach self-defense as a career, she never imagined her special skills would put her squarely in the sights of the biggest baddie in the universe: Lucifer, prisoner of Hell, trickster of the gods.

Taken against her will, she’s bespelled to do Lucifer’s bidding on Earth. Rowan’s magical bond with the prince of darkness forces her to take shifter souls in a bid to free him from his underworld prison. Unable to fight the spell, she spirals into the devil’s darkness and becomes a killer in her own right, desperate to find escape.

Salvation comes in the form of a sexy wolf shifter named Adrian who promises that bonding with him will make her bond with Lucifer null and void. Become his mate, and they can defeat Lucifer – together.

But Rowan isn’t sure she can trust Adrian… or herself. She’s a ticking time bomb on a course to explode. If this experiment doesn’t work, she runs the risk of losing herself, destroying the world, and unleashing Lucifer from hell.

Fans of Kim Harrison, Jeaniene Frost, and Chloe Neill will burn for this sexy, action-packed urban fantasy.

One click today to find out if you can trick the devil! 


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