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The Roadmap to Writing Success is an exact, step-by-step roadmap to developing a successful career as an author.

Resources for Established Authors

Visit the free Facebook Group, Fiction Writing and Book Marketing for a Six Figure Author Career, for advanced career insights, free tools, and opportunities to participate in trainings and advertising opportunities that can take your career to the next level. This group has has helped over 500 authors because USA Today, New York Times, or Wall Street Journal bestselling authors and has helped countless authors make $100k+ per year, with some second and third year clients on track for seven figures.

Free Reading Material to Help Your Career

Career Strategy

New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Hamilton Shares Her 12 Steps to a Six Figure Author Career!

Hooking Your Readers: A Timeline

Learn from Successful Books – Even if You Don’t Like Them!


Author Rebecca Hamilton Shares How Her Most Expensive Mistakes Made Her the Most Money

The Top 3 Career Stalling Mistakes Authors Make

Don’t Take “Can’t” As a Final Answer


Writing Productivity Tips

Grammar Advice

Basic Dialogue Lessons

Marketing and Advertising

Understanding the Synergy of Marketing and Writing

Newsletter Funnel Basics

Publishing and Cost Per Leads

Getting Better Conversions on Paid Promotions

Understanding Advertising: The Delayed Buyer Effect

Building and Maintaining an ARC Team

Business Advice

A Quick Guide to CoWriting